Morning advice from your chef;

As we all know food is one of the most essential builders for our bod.  So when we wake up in the morning let’s start our day by inhaling a deep  fresh air and a glass  of room temperature water with a half of lemon or lime and if you like, we may use the other half as a  natural deodorant.

"Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food."

 Ful Medames for your breakfast

 Ful Medames is a common middle-east food for breakfast and at some places it’s even common to eat for any time of the day.  It’s a healthy and high protein food. If your body needs to have heavy breakfast loaded with high protein check this out.


·         2 cups small Egyptian Fava beans (Ful medames), soaked overnight (and left unpeeled)

·         Salt 1/3 cup

·         chopped flat-leaf parsley

·         Extra-virgin olive oil

·         3 lemons, quartered

·         Salt and pepper

·         4–6 cloves garlic, crushed

·         Chili-pepper flakes

·         Cumin

cooking time varies depending on the quality and age of the beans. It is good to cook them in advance and to reheat them when you are ready to serve. Cook the drained beans in a fresh portion of unsalted water in a large saucepan with the lid on until tender, adding water to keep them covered, and salt when the beans have softened. They take 2–2 1/2 hours of gentle simmering. When the beans are soft, let the liquid reduce. It is usual to take out a ladle or two of the beans and to mash them with some of the cooking liquid, then stir this back into the beans. This is to thicken the sauce.
Serve the beans in soup bowls sprinkled with chopped parsley and accompanied by Arab bread.

Pass round the dressing ingredients for everyone to help themselves: a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil, the quartered lemons, salt and pepper, a little saucer with the crushed garlic, one with chili-pepper flakes, and one with ground cumin.
The beans are eaten gently crushed with the fork, so that they absorb the dressing.
Optional Garnish Peel hard-boiled eggs—1 per person—to cut up in the bowl with the beans.
Top the beans with a chopped cucumber-and-tomato salad and thinly sliced mild onions or scallions. Otherwise, pass round a good bunch of scallions and quartered tomatoes and cucumbers cut into sticks.

In Syria and Lebanon, they eat Fful Medames with yogurt or feta cheese, olives, and small cucumbers. Here in Ethiopia we can substitute it with local cheese “Ayib”.

This article have been reviewed and customized by chef Efrem (advisory member of E-Green Life).







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