Regina Abelt is a German midwife living more than 20 years in Ethiopia. She got trained in Germany where she used to work for several years in different Hospitals and also as home delivery midwife, including ante-natal check-ups and post natal visits, giving different pre- and postnatal class including gymnastics.


she has studied medicine in Frankfurt/Main Germany that she quitted just before the final exam. Regina had ambition and believe that in the modern delivery rooms at these times, a holistic approach towards the laboring women was missing and she started to read different books about alternative medicine and psychosomatic obstetrics, reports from parents and midwives and about Anthroposophy.

During her studies at University she took courses like Psychosomatic, Homoeopathy and alternative medicine which were organized by concerned students and Professors and she started more and more to integrate her wisdom and knowledge into her carrier as midwife. 

Regens’ rich experience and wisdom as a midwife  helped her to get equipped with different approaches for the women and families by trying to include a holistic approach as much as possible, including simple herbal teas and nutritional advice, without excluding the conventional medicine knowing that not everything can go naturally every time.


She aspires to lead women and men through the time of pregnancy, delivery and first weeks after delivery to experience birth and the first time with the baby as normal as possible without the bad experience we hear everywhere. She is truly dedicated to empower women to bring along a change in the obstetric wards in Ethiopia and all over the world where women are not taken individually and seriously during their very important time while giving life. 

Regina currently co-owns a Regina family Center (RFC) with other passionate mother where she shares her rich experience and wisdom for mother children and the whole family.

The Regina Family Center (RFC) is the first care center in Addis Ababa that intends to provide exceptional, personalized, woman/family-centered care.

RFC helps family in a Holistic Approach


·         Preparing couples to experience a natural birth (consultations, ante-natal classes, ante-natal gymnastics, pre-natal groups)

·         Building up a good post natal care with midwives

·         Breast feeding counseling and groups

·         Waldorf inspired Day care and Kindergarten (Strengthening the individual development of toddlers and children)

·         Working with parents according to Waldorf education/pedagogic)

·         After school activities

·         Raising awareness about alternative medicine, methods and approaches

·         Yoga and Gymnastics for the whole family

·          A family café where families can meet and children play 

Regina Family Center can be reached:



e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - Facebook: Regina Family Center

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