By EgreenLife, Addis Ababa 

The one big home we all are enjoying for free is mother earth. The food we cultivate, the air we breathe, the water we enjoy and the plants that replenish our oxygen are all provided for free.

 But what are we giving back to mother earth in return besides exploiting all the natural resource we have been given for free? Every day we take egocentric life styles that damage the peaceful co-existence of life element on mother earth.

If we are considering making a better decision this time of the year, here are some simple steps we can do as an individual for the betterment of our big home called Earth! The following are some simple steps that you can do individually to conserve the balance of mother earth.


1.   Think twice before buying single use plastic bags. If you can minimize the number or adopt use of reusable bags or use fabric bags that are kinder to mother earth that can mean one big thank you to mother earth. 

2.       Try to minimize your electric consumption. Think of what has been used to generate that electricity. Turn off light when you are no longer needs it, and as well try to use power saving bulbs instead of regular lighting.

3.       Plant trees! Even a small plant on a pot not only gives life for you home but also cleans your surrounding and gives you fresh oxygen by taking in carbon dioxide. 

4.       Don’t burn or Burry bio-degradable entities and recycle as much as you can.  

5.       Keep your compound and/or neighborhood as green as possible!

6.       If you are driving a car, give it a break on weekends unless it is absolutely necessary to use it!

7.       Take ownership of mother earth and be concerned and responsible about industries which discharge toxic in to the environment!

9.     Try to minimize your consumption of plastic bottles! If it is a must to use plastic bottles, always go for bigger bottles, it saves your money and mother earth. You may also consider using reusable plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel bottles. Even though you believe plastic bottles are recyclable, the way we dispose it makes it difficult to recover and it is one of the reasons why you encounter plastic bottles abundantly everywhere you go.

10.   Pay respect to domestic and wild animals, especially while driving! Every life has a big role to play in the conservation of mother earth.



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