E-Green Life is an online platform that promotes a life style that is holistic, natural, affordable and healthy. It is an online medium that encourages people to be conscious of their environments. It tries to enlighten our society about the negative impacts our activities are having on mother-nature on a daily basis and proposes ways, for us, of living with nature harmoniously. 

 E-Green Life promotes tools for achieving a natural, healthy life style for establishing and maintaining our well-being. It throws light on information related to mind-body exercises, healthy nutrition and natural solutions for tackling inescapable life challenges affecting different cultures.

 We believe that it is next to impossible to maintain a healthy life style in the absence of a healthy environment.  The impact we are making on the environment comes back to inflict misery upon us. Whatever we sow to the earth crops up to undermine the quality of our lives directly.

 Hand in hand to its belief in individuals making a big difference, E-Green life draws our attention to a simple truth that often escapes sufficient consideration: positive change can only come from the joint investment of individuals; substantial positive changes could only be engendered through our collective efforts.

 Up-to-date and pressing issues that are part and parcel of the environment such as water contamination and climate changes having their roots in green gas effects, and issues related to air pollution and deforestation will be at the heart of everything we do. An array of information and research findings are available for the meat of our discussion gleaned from authoritative sources in collaboration with the appropriate experts from the field of environmental study.

Our website features a wide range of experts and personalities who share their life experiences and expertise on alternative medicine and mind-body exercises for a healthier life as well as sharing their analysis of environmental issues and different aspects of a healthy life style.

 E-Green Life also tries to give coverage to events that are concerned with the environment and health as well as providing a pubic relations service.


Inspiring and enlightening readers about a holistic, healthy and affordable, green life style, and harmonious living with the environment as well as encouraging use of tools for nurturing a healthy body, mind and soul.


Aspires to create a healthy, conscious, and enlightened society that strives to embrace and protect mother-nature. 

 Be part of E-Green Life family. Stay Happy, Healthy and Green!


Aspire and Inspire!

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